About Us:

Founded in 1996, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) is an approved Tour Operator in the Northern Indian State of Himachal Pradesh (HP) and the one permitted to offer tours in the pristine wilderness of India's newest National Park The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). We have a unique and exclusive relationship with BTCA (Biodiversity Tourism and Community Advancement), the regional Kullu Valley organization, and operate under its guidance.

The SHA team constitutes of core teammates, experienced in wildlife, trekking and mountaineering with many of its members trained by the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, network partner the U.S based adventure company Way of Adventure and the National Outdoor Leadership School an institution that acquaints students in wilderness and leadership skills.

As of 2018, SHA is a seasoned trek and tour outfit with a solid 21 years of experience in its rucksack, recognized for its community based ecotourism approach that strives to benefit local denizens, the species and the environment in majority through numerous initiatives and projects. Along with organizing tours, both, for its own clientele and its long time network associate, the U.S. based adventure company, Way of Adventure, The outfit embarks on developing ecotourism projects for state governments in Uttaranchal, Sikkim & Nepal.

Conservationists and environmentalists many of whom shaped our thinking and approach towards adventure tourism over campfires and group discussions helped us establish our purpose. SHA's ultimate goal is to make its treks meaningful to allow guests to not only relish the splendors of the natural habitat but also gain an understanding of the people, species and locale so as to develop a deeper bond with the environment and the importance of preserving it. Primed towards educating guests to the joy of living in nature, the activities range from strenuous and hard core expeditions across frozen mountains to simple adventure pursuits like relaxing trout fishing trips in the cold waters of the Tirthan, and from weighty educational tours to special outings for birding and snow leopard spotting as well as home stay living packages. We offer our clients the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of the Western Himalayan ecosystem and the exciting culture of the renowned Kullu Valley, known throughout India as the "Valley of the Gods".

Since, it's founding in the mid 90s, SHA has successfully undertaken over 100 treks in diverse locales, different weather conditions and seasons making it a seasoned outfit with a thorough knowledge of routes and on trek experience to handle practically any situation that may arise. We operate with a core team of trained and experienced personnel reinforced with regional representatives, that takes care of all necessary arrangements ranging from organizing airport pick-up and drop, transportation, accommodation, equipment, procurement of travel permits (where required) and provisions to make every tour and trip as safe as possible, educative, thoroughly enjoyable and one of its kind. The outfit in turn trains and works with associates and regional representatives under its ecotourism banner with the aim of helping them earn a livelihood. Inside the Great Himalayan National Park, it is part of a 75 member cooperative group working on a G.H.N.P. fair trade revenue sharing model.