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Tumbling Rumblings

I had two options: Goa and GHNP; and I was swinging between the two. In the end GHNP was picked. (And rightly so as I would find at the end of our trip). On the morning of 4th, we reached Sairopa and were given a very warm welcome by the staff who adorned us with Himachali topis. Our itinerary for the day included a small trek to a water fall followed by rappelling post lunch. The trek to the falls tested our capacities... [View Details»]

That secret paradise. Tirthan Valley, Himachal.

Last week when we posted Juhie Tak's account of the blissful time in a secret valley tucked away under the blue skies of Himachal Pradesh, many of you asked us where this place was. This is also exactly how we felt when we were going to this fairy tale like valley featuring the most pristine meandering river. Our memory of that day is quite vivid. A long, overnight bus ride from Delhi had taken us to Aut (same bus as Kullu-Manali)... [View Details»]

Number 7826

Did I hike nearly 13 km., including two kilometres vertically, in this remote and beautiful corner of India only to return without sighting it? In the world of birds and birding, there is a truism that they "all count one." This reflects the bottom line that birders, or listers, only compare their total numbers. There have been some efforts to qualify different species, by giving more value to rare or difficult  species, but  these... [View Details»]

Birding in Tirthan Valley-Himachal Pradesh

Deceleration of a holiday on 10.4.2014 (Thursday) on account of Elections in Delhi and on Monday the 14.4.2014 on account of the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar, provided the perfect opportunity to visit Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh for birding with my family. We have been visiting Tirthan for birding at least once a year since 2010.There are a number of reasons for it. The foremost being the abundance of Asian... [View Details»]

My First Trek and Waterfall (Tirthan Valley)

This little adventure of my first ever Trek has entered the history books!! I took my trek at Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The valley is part of the GHNP (Great Himalayan National Park) and it got the tag of a UNESCO World Heritage site the same day that I trekked here! 23.6.2014!! We stayed at Khem Bharti's place. A homestay because it was not like a hotel. It was a blue house from where you could see and hear the River... [View Details»]

Quest for the Western Tragopan in GHNP

On Wednesday April 30, 2008, my wife Kimberly and I set off on an overnight bus from New Delhi to Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Though the AC Volvo bus was several hours late, the trip was relatively comfortable. The next morning, we disembarked from the bus just before the Aut tunnel in the lower Kullu Valley and were met by a representative of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures, Panki Sood. We drove a bit over an hour up the... [View Details»]

India - A trip to see the Western Tragopan and many other

A trip to see the Western Tragopan - one of the most enigmatic and rarest birds in the world. We couldn’t have done it without Ankit Sood and the team from Sunshine Adventures. The Great Himalayan National Park is a wilderness area – only one person is living there and access to the park is limited. It’s a fairly hard trip – especially if the weather is bad as it was for us. But if you have reasonable fitness levels you will enjoy it... [View Details»]

Sunshine Himalayan Adventures

Responsible ecotourism starts with this pioneer. An adventure outfit now well known for its love of infusing ecotourism ideas and concepts into mountaineering expeditions and countryside exploration, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (abbreviated SHA) made its debut in 1996 as a young gun trek and tour operator with a daring passion to explore untrodden trails, investing a considerable part of a decade building credibility... [View Details»]