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Experiential Learning Outbounds  

We at SHA recognize & value the power of nature & adventure which if channelized the right way, not only helps us explore our inner selves but transform ourselves too. We thus specialize in providing such niche experiential transformation journeys to corporate groups  in collaboration with  Acumen 360°, a learning & development solutions provider acclaimed globally for its unique, high impact experiential and gamified learning outbound programs.   At SHA, our in-depth knowledge of the region coupled with expertise in managing treks and tours in remote locations in the wilderness further helps in adding value to the programs, thus creating a one of a kind experiential learning experience for the participants.

About the programs

The programs are custom designed by experts from the field of Learning & Development  addressing specific learning & development needs of the group. The learning methods used are experiential using focused gamified simulation exercises which are adventure based,  nature based and local theme based thus making the participants experience the enlightening power of Nature .

The programs focus on a variety of learning objectives depending upon the needs of the group. Beyond specific stated objectives, all programs give the teams an opportunity  to come together and build high levels of interaction, rapport & trust within themselves. Depending on the dynamically changing scenarios they come across, they also find themselves in situations where they either need to shoulder the team as a leader or get into the shoes of a contributing team member. Working together on generating out of the box ideas and challenging one's limits to accomplish tough goals, leads to a level of engagement and energy within the team which is nothing short of contagious, thus building a strong intact team along with having loads of fun! But beyond benefits derived by the team, the biggest takeaway for each individual going through this experience is the opportunity to look deep within & discover a new, better, transformed self.