The kingdom of Nepal is still one of Asia’s most fascinating countries. This is a land of serene temples wiry Sherpas, formidable Gurkhas and, most of all, mountains. Nepal straddles the central part of the mighty Himalayan range and most of the country is completely dominated by mountains. Indeed eight of the ten highest summits in the world are in Nepal. In Nepal climbers can tackle some of the greatest mountaineering challenges on earth and birdwatchers can enjoy some of the most exciting birding in the world amidst wonderful scenery.
Nepal being the paradise for the highest mountains on earth, the country has an extremely rich cultural and natural heritage displayed all around like an open museum. Nepal is also a deeply religious country: Hinduism and Buddhism are the prevailing religions (Buddha himself was born in lowland Nepal) but in fact many people are a bit of both, for in Nepal the two are closely linked. Almost all the important religions of the world are found in Nepal, however the majority of the population believes in Hinduism and Buddhism which are being practice with a unique example of tolerance and harmony. Photographing both Buddhist Stupa and Hindu Temple in one shot is another characteristic feature in Nepal. Both of these celebrate many festivals of religious significant commonly with enthusiasm, thus Nepal is known as a non-stop festival's country and living culture museum of the world.  
Nepal's rich bio-diversity renders it ideal as an eco-tourism destination. As the Himalayas are famous for the trekking and mountaineering activities so does the Terai low land tropical jungle is one of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent making it a best for a jungle safari activities. Nepal has total 09 National parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas and 1 hunting reserve covering a total of 28,999 sq Km which is 19.70 % of the country's total land. National park and wildlife reserve area is mainly covered by Sal forest with the balance a mixture of grassland, savannah and riverine forest. It is here that visitors get sight of most wildlife. The journey into the deep jungle on an elephant's back or on a 4WD with expert naturalists to view wild animals in their natural habitat for a great experience in Nepal wildlife safari. Not only is Nepal a veritable feast of spectacular scenery and cultural contrasts but it is also a paradise for the birdwatcher due to remarkable diversity of the habitats founded in this small country and over 850 species of birds have been recorded in the Nepal which is more than in any other region of the comparable size in Asia. Not only is the resident avifauna extremely rich but during the winter months it is further enhanced by a large number of visitors from northern Asia.
Trekking in Nepal is one of the best walking holidays available suitable to all age group of people and level of experience & fitness. Himalaya offer exceptional mountain sceneries and excellent trekking opportunities from the short & easy trekking holiday to the demanding & strenuous snowy peaks climbing. Rolling hills, thundering rivers, hidden valleys, lush forests and century's old diverse ethno - cultural are crowned by the snowcapped Himalayan peaks of the highest mountains on the planet including the Mount Everest. Walking holidays in Nepal could be the best adventure holidays trek as you gain valuable insights of hard life style and first hand experience of the diverse ethno cultures along with the appreciation of nature. Thus the best way to discover Nepal is to do the trekking to witness from Himalayan vistas to deeply spiritual ethno - culture that has to be explored to be believed.

Trekking in Nepal

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